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Ross Rebagliati - Olympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder and Cannabis Entrepreneur

November 06, 2023 Russell Bennett, Cannabis Lawyer,
Cannabis Law on Earth
Ross Rebagliati - Olympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder and Cannabis Entrepreneur
Show Notes

Ross Rebagliati, 52
Born 1971 North Vancouver BC
Diving team 1978
Swim team High school 1985
Ski raced 5yrs (10-15) 1980-86
Started snowboarding 1987-88
Coached snowboard halfpipe camps for Craig Kelly 1988-91
BC amateur series 1988 - 1991 — Won everything haha — they tried to kick me off the tour by the end.. lol
USA and Canadian amateur champion Snowboarding 1990
Lord Byng high school Grad 1990
Moved to Whistler 1990 - 2018
Cover of TransWold Snowboarding magazine 1991
World Cup debut Austria 1992
1st pro win Mt.Baker Banked Slalom 1992
European Champion 1994
US Open Champion 1994
Whistler World cup 1996
Multiple other world cup wins and podiums
Gold medal Nagano winter Olympics Feb 8, 1998.
Tested positive for THC
Disqualified and reinstated within 3 days (First time any athlete was reinstated by the IOC)
Was temporarily in a Japanese jail
Jay Leno 2 days later
Conan O'brian etc etc
Became a public figure
Roots sponsorship 1999- 2002
Retired from pro snowboarding 1999
Became a cannabis advocate 2000 - 2023
No fly list 2001 (re: 911) 22 yrs and counting….
Worked construction renos, framer, heavy equipment, flipped real estate etc.
RossGold established 2012
RossGold glass 2012-2018
RossGold store 2015 - 2017 (prohibition)
Various jobs growing in the grey market 2000 - 2018
Closed the RossGold company during legalization 2017-2023
Worked in various BC craft/micro facilities 2019-2022
Feb 8, 2023 RossGold cannabis products in Canadian stores. (25yrs to the day! Not planned — coincidence!)
Currently living near Penticton, BC
Married with 3 kids: 14, 11, and 8. They all ski and snowboard, but also individually play football, dance and play hockey.
Founder/CEO RossGold Cannabis
Documentary “Nagano till now” premiering at the 2023 Whistler Film Festival.

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